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Larger Televisions

It remains to be seen just how much larger TVs are going to affect movie theaters. Of course, the experience is different. The downside is that watching a movie at home is definitely going to feature a smaller screen and less impressive sound. There won’t be the atmosphere of getting popcorn and drinks, and watching in a dark theater along with other people. But there are some clear upsides as well.

You don’t have to worry about people who are annoying or talk too loud during the movie. You have control over the cleanliness and hygiene of your own home. You can watch the movie whatever time you want. In addition, the home movie watching experience is getting even better. TVs are getting larger, which makes the image loom large if you sit close enough. Buying blinds online and purchasing nice seating, can result in a fairly comfy setup. And there are some pretty good speaker systems which can be set up at home.

Numbers, Letters and Cards

I like the idea of having movie theaters where you know what your seat will be when you make the ticket purchase. It’s not like the old system where you just bought tickets, entered the theater, and then there was a free for all to get to the good seats before they were taken. Now, some cinemas are more like airplanes so that there is one seat that is just for you, and you don’t have to rush in to get it.

What I don’t like though is that the seat letters and numbers can be so hard to spot. Sometimes, there are ushers and that’s a big help. But if there’re a lot of people going inside, there aren’t enough ushers to help all of you. What I would like is if the movie theaters basically just went out and had a company print plastic cards with a big letter and number, so that these are very easy to read and see, even in a dark theater. Then, they can install little LEDs in strategic places which can shine on those cards.

Films, Computers and Websites

It’s funny sometimes how websites and computers are shown in films. I guess I get that they have to make things look interesting so that viewers can get excited about what’s happening on the screen. It’s like how they try to make hacking or penetrating computer systems look awesome with graphics and all when the truth is a lot less nifty looking, and even rather boring. I can still remember the computer scene from Jurassic Park, and it took a while before I realized that that wasn’t how computers worked.

In a way, the same is true with the portrayal of websites though things have reversed. Real websites can look amazing, especially with the use of animation and video. But then websites in films looks so much simpler and a bit dumbed down. For instance, if a film was going to show a website for an online duvet cover shop, the site would probably be mostly text with a few pictures. But the real website would be a much more interesting thing to look at.

Ideas for Movie Tickets

Movie tickets are one of those things that haven’t really changed much over the years. For the most part, the tickets have remained little stubs of paper. While the information on the ticket may have evolved, as well as its size and material, the ticket hasn’t really gotten much smarter. Nowadays though, technology exists that will at least allow movie tickets to have less impact on the environment.

Instead of creating movie tickets which are made of paper and are meant to be used only once, it should be possible to create tickets that are reusable. This would be similar to the advances seen in train systems. People are able to buy train tickets made of plastic and which contain either some sort of smart stripe or an embedded chip. This allows a certain value to be contained in the card. Movie theaters should consider approaching a plastic card manufacturer for something similar. The requisite value and movie information can be embedded in the card and then moviegoers can swipe the card in order to be allowed entry.

Muslim Films and the Internet

The internet is opening up new ways for people to come to appreciate the beauty of Muslim films. In the past, it might be harder for people in certain countries to get access to these. But thanks to the internet, and the increased amount of bandwidth that people have at their disposal, it’s much easier for someone who is interested in a particular film, to find it and purchase it for viewing online.

This is a good thing because it means that people are able to view and experience a more multicultural tapestry of cinema. Their movie experiences will no longer be limited simply to the movies in their particular country, or to international blockbusters. Instead, they can choose to watch movies from any country.

The language barrier is also becoming less and less of an issue. For some films, there are subtitles made available so that even if the audio is in a language that is foreign to you, the subtitles in your own language will allow you to follow along. Then, some films are actually dubbed so that the voices of the actors are replaced, which allows the movie to be watched in your own language. Nowadays, movies on cable channels sometimes come with dual language options so that you can choose which language you would prefer to watch it in.

Another interesting thing to keep in mind from the point of view of making movies is that it is possible to outsource key tasks and assignments to people around the world. So for example, some editing duties can get outsourced to the Philippines. The transactions themselves are not particularly difficult anymore because there are companies which make it easy to send cash to Philippines. It is also not that difficult, given existing bandwidth, for work done in that country to be sent back to the film makers for review and for finalizing.

So it can be seen that on the production side and on the consumer side, the internet is making more things possible for Muslim films. It should be interesting to see where these developments will lead over the coming years.

How To Get Quality Islamic Movies

At present, the demand for Islamic movies has been rising. You can see this by the regular discussions on social media forums, the increasing searches over the internet and from the rise in the number of reviews on Islamic films. The popularity is being fueled by stiff neck competition in the market, quality movies and general appreciation of the films. The following are some of the common avenues used to acquire top quality movies centered on the Islamic religion and cultures:infidel

Online Resources
The internet is perhaps one of the biggest platforms of getting movies nowadays and is home to many movie stores and production houses that specialize in Islamic films. Although the Middle East remains the biggest market for Islamic films, other regions are gradually catching up. In order to get a movie, one simply needs to go online and make a payment then the DVD will be posted to any part of the globe.

Streaming Live
This is wonderful, but in this age of speed where everybody wants everything immediately it is more popular to simply download movies directly from the internet. Growth in the information technology sector has greatly improved ways of watching Islamic films so that a person no longer needs a physical DVD to watch a movie, he can view it online. As a matter of fact, this avenue always gives the quickest access to the most recent films. A person only needs to have a strong internet connection, a wide broadband and a reliable interface. With this, he is able to stream live.

Courier Services
Obtaining movies produced in the Middle East can be tricky. First, the local production is usually done on a small scale. Secondly, cost limitation may hinder the marketing of the film. Thirdly, people living in other regions outside Muslim countries may not be aware of the film. Therefore, individuals will often send the movies to their loved ones via courier services. This has been made possible thanks to effective courier service as well as efficient money transfer services.

Now, some people may not be familiar with these types of processes, because they have not tried using them before. The good news though is that there is a lot of information available online, which is aimed at making the process as easy and as painless as possible. For example, you can find resources which offer video about sending money so that you can become more at ease with the process, even if it isn’t something that you have tried previously.

There is no doubt that Islamic films are making a great impact in today’s world. The effect is felt in both Muslim as well as non-Muslim settings. However, it is still a big challenge to get some movies. This may be attributed to limited ways of purchasing the films, lack of cultural diversity, and also limited marketing. Fortunately, improvement in information technology, online marketing, and money transfer services has made it easier to get the films from any part of the world.